Which Phone System Should I Choose?

With today’s technology and business needs there are many decisions that need to be made when coming to a conclusion on which type of phone system to purchase. Raytec Systems provides the tools to the customer to help ease the decision making process. Phone systems come in a few different types. VOIP is the most common type of phone system in today’s market. Just because something is the newest technology, does not always mean it is the right fit for every organization. One of the most common misconceptions of VOIP phone systems is that all you need is an internet connection. In order for a VOIP phone system to work you have to have enough bandwidth to support your voice and data needs on an everyday basis. If your internet connection is not sufficient, your phone system will have latency issues which will cause breaks in the conversation.

The second type of connection would be a digital trunk. This is a connection to your phone system that is delivered over a dedicated traditional telephone line in which the customer does not share the connection speed, which means the line does not rely on the demands of the internet, the connection and speed are always there.

The third type of connection used by Raytec Systems is a standard copper line, most commonly referred to as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). POTS is the connection a customer would use if they were in the market for very few lines for their phone system.

Regardless of what type of connection you use, it is Raytec’s responsibility and privilege to recommend the best phone system to fit your needs. Raytec has a proud 26 years of customer service in which we have successfully installed hundreds of phone systems. Let us fit a customized solution for you today!

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