Samsung Voicemail Setup

From your phone press the voicemail key

You will prompted for your password default is (0000)


NOTE on some versions of the Samsung Voice mail you have have to press 0 after longing in for personal greeting prompts.


First thing to do is change your password.

Press (#71) Password should be at lest 4 to 8 digits


After changing your password record your name this is used by the dial by name directory and on call transfers.

Press (#72)  Follow the prompts to record your name (#) to save


Now that your name is recorded you can enter your name in the dial by name directory

Press (#73) You will be asked to first spell and enter then accept your last name then your first name on the telephone keypad.


Next we want to record your Greetings on the Samsung system you have two places you need to record. It works best if you write down what you want to say before you start recording. If you record the same greetings in both places then no matter how the caller reached you they will here the recording.

The first is Primary No-Answer greeting

Press (51) Follow the prompts to record (#) to save

The second is mailbox greeting

Press (57) to record this greeting