Samsung Speed Dial

With the handset down

Press the transfer button (two phones talking to each other – this puts you into programming)

Then type in 2 0 0

Then type 1 2 3 4

Press the Volume + key (this will change screen from disable to enable)

Press the speaker key

Type 7 0 5 (this takes you into the speed dial section)

Now type in the directory number you wish to store the external number against or use the Volume + key to scroll to the next free location

Press the first “soft” key (located under the display on phone) – this moves the cursor to the blank area of the screen

Enter 9 followed by the whole of the external number

Press the first “soft” key again to save the entry

Press the Speaker key

Now store the name

Your phone will still be enabled if you do this straight away, so …

Press transfer

Then 7 0 6

Then type the directory number that you have just stored

Hold button to delete the current name – only necessary if there is already a name stored

Type in new name

Transfer to save