VoIP Phone System Solutions in Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown Ohio Regions


VoIP Phone System Solutions in Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown Ohio – Sub Titles Below

Really there are two components, I think when selecting or purchasing and adopting technology. There is the technology
itself and the ability of the company that is installing it. And I think that’s what what’s great about Raytec and Samsung that everyone knows Samsung is a premier electronics provider -OK. The phone system that we sell, the voice over IP (VoIP) phone system from Samsung is great, but what makes it great or what compliments the system is the fact that our service team goes above and beyond to exceed our customers expectations.

As operations I work very closely with the salespeople, so when we get a job or look at a job, we go through it very thoroughly to find
the best application. We do a complete inventory of what they currently have, we look at the current phone bills and try to find some savings in their phone bill, because let’s face a lot of these customers, they have had the systems installed for a long time and their is savings to be had.

When you consider that the average life span of the system is probably ten to fifteen years, if you purchased a system in the late nineties and
in moving to a new system today a new voice over IP ( VoIP )system, there is a number of cost saving benefits.

One, would be the ability to maintain or administer your own phone system by having a web based software tool. So things that you used to be charged for when you had your phone company come out for just something as simple as to change a timer or a name on a telephone, you can actually take care of that today.

When your not in the office but you’re getting voicemail messages, and in the past you would have to know to check or every hour or two you would call in
remotely or if you’re lucky it may have paged you, or call to tell you you have voicemail.Today you can actually have your voice mails sent to your email box
which will pop up by a new smart phone or your laptop. You’ll be able to see instantly that you haves messages even if your not sitting at your desk.

Let’s say that they’re going to lunch… their anywhere with a Wi-Fi hot spot and the office has to get a call to them… and they bring up the soft phone
they can take those calls just as if they’re sitting in the office and they don’t miss the important calls. That’s one thing .. being that the
soft phone integrates with outlook all their contacts are in there, so really they have a mobile phone with them where ever they are at, as long as they have Wi-Fi connectivity.

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