Raytec Systems Adopts Pet from Summit Humane

Raytec Systems Adopts Company Pet

Raytec Systems Adopts Pet

When the staff members at Raytec Systems are not providing industry leading information and technical advice to their telecommunications clients, they are playing with their newly adopted pet from the Summit County Humane center.

Colleen, was very timid and shy when she first came to the shelter. Around nine years old, Colleen was a beautiful black and white, medium hair cat with a mouth injury. Upon further inspection, staff veterinarian, Dr. Michael Wilson, determined Colleen was missing part of her upper lip, lower nostrils and had horizontal bone loss. Due to the disfigurement, Dr. Wilson removed necessary teeth to enhance Colleen’s quality of life.

Animal technician, Ashley Milhoan says “Colleen was very friendly when she was here and a known volunteer favorite!” After a few months in our care, Colleen was adopted into a loving forever home. She now resides at Raytec Systems in Stow, where owner Greg Baynes works and visits on the weekend. Colleen prefers the quiet office space where she is the only cat and receives a lot of spoiling. Greg and the staff have fallen for Colleen and had this to say about their new co-worker “Colleen is the most loving wonderful cat in the world. She is the new office cat at Raytec Systems. She loves all of the people that come in and out of the office even the UPS man. She brings a smile to everyone that meets her. She is spoiled by everyone but she deserves it.”


Greg’s daughter Hailey notes “Colleen’s unbelievable; no way she can be 9! She plays, rolls, purrs, and meows like a kitten! Thank you again PHSGA for taking care of Colleen before we adopted her. She is really an amazing cat…. she prefers the office, no other cats,dogs, or TV’s. She’s living the life!!!! Adopting a senior was an amazing choice!”


Colleen is one of hundreds of animals that Pawsibilities,Humane Society of Greater Akron, rescues, heals and adopts out annually. Stories like this would not be possible without our dedicated staff,kind adopters and generous donors. Thank you all for your continued support!

What do you readers think of Raytec Systems’ adopted pet Colleen?

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  1. I am over joyed of the love she is receiving now. Thank you for taking her in and loving her. ( I am her original owners daughter) thank you thank you thank you!

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